• Mexico - Delta Air Lines 1986
  • Rio - Varig mid-1950s
  • Amerique du Nord - Air France 1948(96)
  • Chicago - Delta Air Lines 1975
  • Egypt - TWA early 1960s
  • South America - Pan American early-1950s
  • Yucatan - Mexicana de Aviacion late-1950s

Airline Poster history on display via a collection that focuses on Mexico and Latin America destination posters.

About Airline Destination Posters

Destination Posters have been used by airlines since the dawn of commercial aviation to promote air service. They have been used mostly to inspire us to travel to destinations served by the airline, prominently displayed in airline ticket offices, travel agencies, and airports.  In the early days they were mostly artwork, some by prominent poster artists of the time, later photographs became the standard.  AirlinePosterArt.com displays posters with an emphasis on posters that promote destinations in Mexico and Latin America.  These posters are for display only and are not for sale.  The galleries below show some highlights from the collection. The full collection can be accessed via the link on this page entitled Poster Collection. Enjoy the posters!

Posters on this site are for display only